Wheels Sprayer K-S50C

Wheels Sprayer K-S50C


KAPOTHA K-S50C wheels sprayer has a 2 stroke engine of 25.6 cc and 1.4 horse power. It has been designed with a 50 liters capacity tank. 

25,6 CC
30 kg
50 L
3-8 L/min
Wheels Features and Technologies
25,6 CC
30 kg
50 L
3-8 L/min
Hose and flow tap

This big sprayer is characterized by its voluminous tank with a capacity of 50 liters, ideal for large areas. It has a 25.6 cc, 1.4 hp 2-stroke engine.

It brings with it a long hose (20 meters long) and a long-range gun that will allow you to reach any necessary area without having to transport the whole machine, and a flow cut-off tap.

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