Log splitter VHLS35T
Log splitter VHLS35T
Log splitter VHLS35T
Log splitter VHLS35T

Log splitter VHLS35T


Become a true professional with the VHLS35T Kapotha petrol log splitter, the most powerful model in our entire catalog. It reaches a hydraulic pressure of up to 32 tons, almost completely eliminating any limit when splitting all types of wood.

Log Features and Technologies

With this extremely powerful and resistant gasoline log splitter you can work on extremely hard wood logs. Its incredibly powerful engine has a lot to do with this. Not even oak, nor woods that are not perfectly dry, resist it.

For your greater comfort when working with wood, we have included a tipping trailer in its assembly, thanks to which you will be able to move it easily through forest terrain of any type.

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